No Permit Decking

I have a 9-5 full time office job like many of you, but it doesn’t mean you need to hire someone to transform your backyard into something amazing. Most home improvement projects around the house are DIYable, although some basic skills are required, common sense are far more important. Before you start the project, you need to do enough research, check the bylaws, zoning rules and apply permits (if needed), most importantly, don’t religiously trust all the YouTube or Facebook videos.

This video is a time lapse of what I did in the last 3 years using #Azek deck boards. I am NOT affiliated with products or companies, I made the videos to help others. The backyard project isn’t 100% completed, I haven’t got time to post everything yet. I am a technical person, so there are many tips, trade secret and technical details I shared with you in the videos.

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No Permit Needed?

Yes, if you check out Part 4 and Part 7 in the video, the city’s building inspector came after some neighbors had some concerns. After taking some photos and did some measurements, the building inspector said I DID NOT NEED a permit. It is very important to study your local bylaws.

Part 4 – How to avoid getting a deck building permit even with Pergola?

Part 7 – How to build a pergola on the deck? No additional footings needed!

Cantilever vs Non-cantilever Deck

To get around the permit, I intentionally designed and built my deck under 2 feet. But the problem is that, I didn’t have enough space to have a beam sitting on the post to build a cantilever deck. I say 95% of the decks out there are cantilever. So, I used joist hangers for every single joist, although cost is higher, but permit issue is gone. Check out Part 4 for details.

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse. There is a lot of DIY tips, trade secret and technical details in each episode, if you are thinking to build a deck or transform your backyard, you may wanna check out all the videos, I will post the links in the description. I do have a 9-5 office job like many of you, if I can do it, so can you. My goal is to inspire you into DIY and home improvement. Give this a thumbs up if you love this. Remember to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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