I know Dashcam is pretty low tech when we are talking about sentry mode and instant notification provided by Tesla. However, I believe this is still helpful to a lot of car owners who don’t drive a Tesla and want to install hardwired Dashcam. I have installed the #papago 30G and #thinkware X550 dashcam on my Honda #Ridgeline for more than 3 years, I shot the videos back then but I haven’t had time to make it. Yes, it’s 2021, I still want to help the Honda community as well as other DIY people who don’t drive a Telsa.

Hope this helps, similar to other videos I had before. You don’t need to hire the professional to install it for you if you are able to DIY, why not? My goal is inspire more people into DIY and home improvement projects. Give this a thumbs up if you find some good information in the video. You may also want to check out other videos on my channel, I am pretty sure you will love them.

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