We picked up a log after the ice storm in 2013, I am not tree expert so I don’t know what tree it was. But this was absolutely EXTREMELY difficult to cut to make it into discs, so I assumed it was hard wood. I didn’t have a chainsaw or bandsaw, it took me 30-45 min to cut one piece by hand. Pretty horrible.

Pentacryl – I was told that green wood would be cracking so badly, so I bought a bottle of Pentacryl and brushed it on. I made a huge mistake, it was still cracking… I should have fully soaked them overnight. FAIL! The workaround was wood filler.. Hmm….. not the best either. Anyways, it was okay. Finally I used the EnviroTex Lite Pour-on high gloss to finish it. Looked awesome as a home decor although it has flaw. Oh well..

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