Water condensation is always a problem in extremely cold weather in Canada, despite experts always tell you to lower the humidity when temperature drops below 0C but in our master bathroom, that does NOT help at all when it’s -20C outside. These 2 DIY projects are to solve the problem: (1) Nutune Fan QTN110E (110 CFM) upgrade, (2) shutter friendly solution to use insulation windows film in winter. At the same time, why not run the wire and GFCI receptacle for the Coway bidet?

You should follow the Electrical Code

We bought the NuTone QTN110E in U.S. and if you have good eyes, you should notice that the 14 awg cable I used was not NMD90 (Canadian standard), it was NM-B from U.S. Home Depot. For Canadian DIYers, please DON’T DO THIS if you want to follow the Canadian electrical code, this *maybe* dangerous. Most of the building code and electrical code makes sense and I do follow them, but I don’t believe in EVERY single one of them.

I still don’t understand why Romex NM-B 14/2 600V rated with paper and thinner plastic insulation (U.S NEC approved) is more dangerous to use in a dry condition in Toronto. Vice versa, why is Romex NMD90 14/2 300V rated with thicker plastic insulation (Canada CEC/CSA approved) is more dangerous to use in New York where I picked a similar weather zone. I need a scientific lab proof to get me convinced. Please DO NOT just tell me to follow the code blindly because of fire/insurance crap. Well, your Made in China Hoverboard charger, smart phone battery and many electronics you buy from Amazon are far more dangerous than this.

Overall these are pretty straightforward job, Level of Difficulty: 2/5

Disclaimer: This article is for reference only, hire a licensed electrician if you are not comfortable. You can get killed if you do not know what you are doing. I hold no responsibility for the use of this information.

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