I bought a 12″ Aqua dynamic Frost free wall hydrant (with Anti-Siphon vacuum breaker) from local Home Depot and it took an afternoon on the weekend to do it. It was easy but I was stupid enough to buy the wrong parts (plumbing thread types), so in order to save time and not to drive to Home Depot again, I decided to use whatever in my tool box and came up with an alternative solution – compression fittings and copper pipe soldering. The whole project took longer because of my mistake.

Honestly, if you don’t want soldering and don’t even want to work with PEX, buy SharkBite pipe fittings instead. Since I have all the tools when I worked on many plumbing projects in our old house, I decided to go this route mainly I have left over parts. But I bet SharkBite would be the quickest in terms of time.

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