In other posts on this blog, I talked about we hired the helical pile company (Goliath Tech) to do the deck foundation instead of concrete. Originally I was planning to have 22 piles installed but ended up with 20 because 2 of them they hit the rock, I didn’t have a Plan B at that moment. So I had to fix it by renting a towable auger from Home Depot and filled it with concrete.

Towable Hydraulic Auger vs 2 men vs Bobcat

First of all, the Towable auger is good because you don’t need 2 people. However because it is powered by hydraulic, it may not be as powerful as the 2-men auger. Of course, it’s not even getting close to a Bobcat. The main reason is the downward force, Bobcat wins.

I don’t have any help and I don’t want to rent a Bobcat, with the limited power of towable auger, I faced a big challenge. There are clay down about 2 feet is as hard as concrete, there is no way the auger could get through. So, I used the Homemade Hydro Excavator to solve the problem. It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, it’s not effective but it got the job done.

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