This is #Azek Deck series on how to install the 12V #Paradise #SternoHome transformer. I chose to install the transformer inside of the house because I read some reviews about this cheap Made in China product is not waterproof. Not installing outdoor meaning it cannot use photocell sensor to detect dawn and dusk, I will show you how this Paradise transformer schedule your lights using the astronomic timer feature. I also came across a scary photo that the transformer overheated and melted the plastic casing, I will show you how to prevent that from happening. How many Watt do you need for your LED lights? Don’t miss how I calculate how many Watt transformer you need to buy! Finally I will give a review on the Paradise model #GL33210 and show you how to connect via WiFi smart phone.

Hope this has some good information if you are planning to build a deck yourself. I hope I can inspire more people to DIY.

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